Usage of MS Project task fields

Management, Technical

There are a lot of fields that you could find in MS Project.  When you first see them, you may wonder why they are here.  Yet, if you take time to explore, you would find some interesting usage on some of them.

I do not have good enough understanding of every of them.  But here are some fields and their usages that are meaningful to me:

  • “Created” – It tells you when the task is created.  When the project is running and you, as the project manager, is tracking and controlling day to day, you may want to quickly locate which tasks are recently added.  Say, if you would like to see all tasks added within this week, then you could first turn on the filter, add the “Created” field and filter those (date) values that are within a week.
  • “Unique ID” – It contains the number that MS Project automatically designates whenever a new task is created.  So, when you have sometimes altered the name or moved the task around, then you could use this field to compare with archived copies of your MPP file.  It is especially useful when you in fact are managing a master project with sub-projects owned by your team leaders.  When they change something, you could figure it out quickly.
  • “Work Variance” – It tells you the difference between baseline work and actual work.  It lets you know whether the task is run within, as or out of budget.

c.f. Available fields in MS Project 2007


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